Brushstrokes for History is a non-profit organization that promotes community connection and art that features historical records. Yana Danzig is a Broward high school senior who founded this organization that transforms history into art. Artists have developed a bond with the residents of the Sistrunk area that has enhanced the artists’ Yana Danzig, 17, (center) with artists and public school teachers Claudine Julien (left) and Libby Hodges (right)abilities to highlight the community’s lesser-known stories. The 17-year-old teen founded this non-profit 501(c) (3) organization in 2023 to raise awareness for the communal history and its celebration through art.

Society has a habit of overlooking different communities and stories from their past. This non profit organization is becoming a brush that paints histories and gives them a spotlight in Broward  County, including Sistrunk Blvd. Led by Yana, Brushstrokes for History has created a connection  between residents and artists whose conviviality transforms broken doors and windows into  beautiful pieces of art. Over the summer, the founder, Yana Danzig, reached out to the community  and ran summer camps that taught participants about the area’s history and how art can be  created to celebrate these past events. The students and artists were joined by their common  passion for art and painted large panels that would go over broken doors and windows to elevate  the area. 

Brushstrokes for History held a display show featuring the artworks on Wednesday, September  27, 2023. In this exhibition, the work of around 20 local artists was displayed at the main public  library of Fort Lauderdale at 100 South Andrews Avenue, which ran from 6:00 to 7:45 p.m. The  show had 20 painted boards on display, and visitors met with many of the artists. With over 80  

attendees, the exhibition was a successful start to something great. The goal of connecting  communities with art and history has made Brushstrokes for History one of the most promising  non-profit organizations in the region. 

Anyone who would like to join this journey of painting history can sign up at where they will be  provided with all needed supplies. Follow the company on Instagram @brushstrokesforhistory for more updates. 

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