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Brushstrokes for history

About Us

Brushstrokes For History Mission

Brushstrokes For History’s goal is to be the brush that paints history of communities that can at times be overlooked.  Through connection between artists and residents we transform wooden panels used to cover broken doors and windows to beautiful works of art representing stories and history of lesser known areas in Broward County including the Sistrunk Blvd.

About The Founder

Yana Danzig founded Brushstrokes For History as a 17 year old High School student.

She is an artist, avid gardener and community activist. Working with community she helps create art to help elevate the lesser known history of Broward county.

Her hope is to encourage others to be the brush that paints history across the US and Canada.

Brushstrokes For History Overview

Brushstrokes For History, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to promote community connection between artists and history. By listening to community members and researching the past we document history into art to learn about lesser known areas of our county and to elevate the lives of these areas by promoting positive images to celebrate the past.  Over the summer we connected volunteers with students in summer camps locally to learn about history and create art.  We continue to connect artists to the community to continue making panels to raise awareness of history and celebrate the community through art. Brushstrokes For History continues to connect locally to encourage artists to learn and become part of the movement and make history through art. 

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